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‘Our philosophy – take care of the soil and the soil will take care of us producing nutrient dense vegetables’.

About Our farm

Our entire farming operation is centered around understanding and taking care of precious soil life. To that end we do not farm with a tractor and we grow on permanent beds that are minimally disturbed.

By farming in this way we reduce pest and disease pathogens, our water use, and are continually building soil.

 We are always refining all parts of our small farm to be more efficient, more profitable and regenerative for the long term.

What it means to be Organic?

Abundance Family Farm is certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. The USDA defines organic as not using chemical fertilizer or pesticides. On our small intensive organic farm we do not use chemicals of any kind. This is with the understanding and mounting body of evidence that petrochemicals are harmful to not only human health,but the health of our environment. It’s because of this that we grow organically. Produce grown without chemicals also taste better and satisfy even the most exacting gourmet. We keep meticulous records and are inspected on an annual basis to make sure we are following the standards set by the USDA to be certified organic.